I worked on the following projects during the academic years of my bachelor's program at the department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Dhaka.

PC Apps

With the Remote PC Controller, you can easily control someone’s PC from your own if both of them are connected via LAN and the other user gives you permission to do so.

Digital Clock in assembly language is developed as an educational project to learn assembly language in more detail and have practical experience.

Web Apps

Getfit is an online shop where you can buy fitness products like apparels, accessories and supplements – all by ordering from your home. It is the result of an educational effort to learn and implement different aspects of web engineering. The main goal in this project was to implement 3-tier architecture rather than focusing on features.

Community Blog is a thought sharing site where users can sign up and and post articles. It encourages building a community where users can follow one another and appreciate or criticize their works.

Route finder is a very simple small scale project. The user can enter a source and a destination and the system will find out the best route for them according to their priority – time, fare or distance. The data is made up. The main focus was to implement Dijkstra’s shortest path algorithm in a project.


Engineering drawing is a medium for communication between various people involved in the design and manufacturing process of machines, buildings, vehicles or any other stuff. Here in this presentation, we show how drawing has gone through its development as an engineering discipline.

Factory pattern is one of the software design patterns used in order to design reusable and extensible systems. The pattern deals with the creation of objects. In this presentation we tried to give an overview of the pattern and how it works both in an informal and then a formal manner.


The short film was made for the Freshers’ Reception & Farewell Ceremony of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Dhaka.

This video was created to show off (!) our football skills to the new comers of CSEDU.