Anindya Sundar Paul

A goal-oriented hustler who wants to make this world a better place by building top-notch softwares. Driven by a highly competitive attitude, I figure out ways to get through challenges and deliver. I have participated in various national level programming contests and solved hundreds of algorithmic problems on different online judges.


GetFit - E-commerce site | 2016

Route Finder | 2016

Remote PC Controller | 2015

Community Blog | 2015

Digital Clock in assembly language | 2014

  • Elegant minimalistic GUI clock in x86 assembly language

*All of these projects are open-sourced at


  • Working on Bangla Optical Character Recognition as part of the BSc degree
  • Identified some key problems in Bangla character segmentation
  • Set up deep learning environment using Caffe (by BVLC) with NVIDIA gpu and CUDA
  • Experimented with alexnet neural network
  • Working on google’s Tesseract OCR engine to improve its Bangla character segmenter


University of Dhaka | 2013-2017

BSc, Computer Science and Engineering, CGPA 3.50 (scale of 4.00) (Expected)

Notre Dame College | 2010-2012

HSC, Dhaka Board, GPA 5.00 (scale of 5.00)

St. Joseph Higher Secondary School | 2002-2010

SSC, Dhaka Board, GPA 5.00 (scale of 5.00)

Achievements and Certificates

Max Ratings

Codeforces:     1824

Topcoder:        1334

Machine Learning Foundations: A Case Study Approach | 2016

Coursera Course Certificates, License X6C8XGQZ9V7J

14th | IUPC | IUT 6th National ICT Fest | 2014

Host: Islamic University of Technology, Bangladesh

Team: DU E

17th | IUPC | AB Bank IUT 5th National ICT Fest | 2013

Host: Islamic University of Technology, Bangladesh

Team: DU E

Champion | IUPC | Jagannath University CSE Carnival | 2013

Host: Jagannath University, Bangladesh

Team: DU Irus

General English | British Council | 2010

Level: SSC Upper-Intermediate 1

Gold Medals | International Assessment for Schools | UNSW

2010 (Mathematics)

2008 (Computer Skills)

2008 (Science)

2007 (Computer Skills)

Experience and Competence

  • Solved 500+ competitive programming problems
  • C/C++, Python, Java
  • Git, Django, Bootstrap
  • Apache, MySQL
  • Jekyll, Wordpress
  • Windows and Linux environment
  • Maintaining a personal linux server
  • Fast learner
  • Communicative
  • Team-oriented
  • Goal-driven
  • Organized
  • Assertive
  • Analytical

Activities and Interests

  • Currently an executive member of the CSEDU Students’ Club
  • Former executive member of Josephite Cultural Forum, Scintilla Science Club and Josephite Language and Reading Club
  • Editor of three magazines
  • Various awards in football, table tennis and playing tabla
  • Blogging, fitness, video games